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ROHKRAFT green produces SPIRULIX:
The Austrian Brand for Spirulina Algae!


SPIRULIX is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & proteins – a small amount daily is enough to provide body and mind with plenty of extra nutrients.
A real superfood from next door!

As early as 1974, The United Nations already described spirulina in 1974 as the best food of the future: this future is now here! SPIRULIX is the perfect companion to any balanced diet & makes healthy living noticeably easier.

SPIRULIX algae is 100% grown in Austria with renewable energy. The purchase of SPIRULIX products thus also supports resource-saving and localized energy cycles – a unique selling point in Europe.

All SPIRULIX products are completely made in Austria, totally vegan and don’t contain any additives – pure superfood made from algae. SPIRULIX Spirulina helps you live a bit healthier every day, so you can concentrate on the most important thing: your unique life.

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SPIRULIX – Algae Made In Austria.

A Brand of ROHKRAFT green GmbH

“Some challenges are worth taking, no matter how difficult they may appear!
That was our starting point when we decided to pool our experiences and establish ROHKRAFT green, an algae research and development platform in Austria.
We grow with every challenge and look forward to the amazing journey ahead…”


Cooperation opportunities

The Philosophy of ROHKRAFT green.

Solution Oriented

The algae industry present numerous opportunities, but also a great deal of challenges and unknowns. With our experience and R&D platform we explore the commercial aspects of scientific developments, and focus on optimal solutions for our customers and partners.


We believe that innovation is the key for industry development and are always up- to-date with the latest scientific and technological developments. Our facilities provide a pilot scale testing platform for novel algae technologies and processes.


From lab to pilot plant and production facilities – our processes are designed to minimize the environmental footprint by utilizing smart designs and readily available by-products. High efficiency allows economic algae research and development activities.

Why Algae?

The Amazing Potential of Aquatic Organisms


Growing for millions of years, algae have always played a significant role in the development of the Earth’s environment and ecosystems.

With tens of thousands of identified species and strains, algae are an extremely versatile group of organisms, ranging in lenght from several micrometers to 50 meters. They grow in all parts of the globe under different environmental conditions. They come in all shapes, colors and forms, and contain a wide range of biological components which are being explored for their benefits to mankind.

Despite the great diversity, only a limited number of species and strains are currently in commercial use, in particular for human and animal nutrition applications. Algae have also been successfully deployed in the fields of pharmaceutics, cosmetics, energy production and environmental remediation.

Although still in an early stage of development, it is clear that the algae industry will become a key driver for answering humanity’s future challenges brought up by population growth and depletion of natural resources.

Join us now in exploring this potential and become part of the future.

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Short Video Introduction into ROHKRAFT green RnD Facility

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