How Can We Help You?
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ROHKRAFT green Offers a Variety of Services:

We offer project management and coordination services
for companies and/or individuals interested in
developing an algae project in Austria and Europe.

Services include:

  • Project review and analysis
  • Project planning and budget definition
  • Process and staff management
  • Coordinate communications with commercial and academic partners
  • Project documentation and reporting

In our pilot scale facilities we offer production and supply of microalgae biomass
according to your specifications and needs.
Production volumes range from petri dish cultures up to a volume of 10 cubic meters produced in photo bioreactors or open ponds at growing scales.

Contact us to schedule an introduction meeting and tour.

Acknowledging the great diversity in applications and technologies,
we offer customized process and product development to fit our partners’ needs.

Variations may include different strains / species, production technologies,
culture mediums, growth conditions, harvesting systems, drying systems and more.

We offer support in identifying and applying for funded national and international collaboration frameworks,
with the aim to explore innovative ideas and novel products.

Our research facilities provide a testing platform for validating and up scaling promising lab experiments.

We welcome industrial companies to join us in
exploring and commercializing algae products.

Contact us for more details.